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Yoga Class

Internship Program

If you have just completed your Yoga Teacher Training and are now looking to gain confidence and experience in teaching your own classes...

So you've just invested a couple of thousand dollars and now you have successfully completed an intense, 1 month, Yoga Teacher Training Course... CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have worked hard and committed a lot for this but now what? You'll need to start looking for somewhere to start teaching, a local yoga studio? A retreat centre? Even start up my own business doing both? These dreams are definitely achievable but sometimes it can be difficult getting a foothold on a ladder where demand is high and experience counts..... this is where we come in!

We are very proud to offer newly qualified Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Teachers enrollment onto our Internship Program... and its free! We will offer you:

  • 1 month of accommodation

  • 3 healthy vegetarian meals per day

  • you will be able to teach a class once per day

  • you will be invited to join various discussions relating to Yoga

  • gain knowledge from other teachers regarding everything from help with guided meditations to writing your first class

  • you will be able to join another teachers class once per day

  • a complete immersion into the world of yoga, living with other teachers and students

  • you will learn the basic operation systems of a Yoga Business to help you to start your own Yoga Studio/Centre

You will offer us:

  • 4 hours of work per day

This Internship is only available for 1 month and will start on the 1st and end on the last day of that month. We can only accept 2 Interns at a time so there is limited availability and a possible waiting list.


Your accommodation is a private fan room within the Retreat Centre with double bed, toilet and cold water shower. You will be responsible for the cleaning and tidying of your room.


You will receive 3 vegetarian meals per day. If you have any allergies are other dietary requirements you may have to source your own food, the cost of which will be your responsibility.


You will gain experience from teaching 1 class per day and 

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