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Your eyes may be open...

Sometimes we forget how to be still. We get so caught up in moving, working, partying, or whatever else keeps us busy and distracted that we forget that our soul needs stillness to remember it's own divinity.

It's easy to look for natures beauty.

I had such a delicious moment this morning when I woke quite naturally at 4am feeling full of peace and gratitude for another day and another chance at life! I strolled down to the beach and did some Chi Kung to get my energy flowing and relished every sensation that flowed through my body; the slight stiffness of joints and muscles shaking free the shackles of sleep, the breeze on my skin and the sand under my feet. Then I sat and waited and I refused to look at the time because it was just moments of life happening right now. I did some pranayama to fill my body with the new days energy and then I sat, observing. I watched the clouds shift and the sky colours change from black, to pink, red and blue.

Stars that shone so brightly when I first arrived now nowhere to be seen. And then, from nowhere, a monitor lizard leapt out from his home under a tree and started hunting crabs on the beach! It was amazing to witness and is something I have never seen before. He lost a crab down its hole but then I watched as the lizard coiled itself around the hole and then buried his head deep inside until after a few seconds he appeared with a huge crab in his mouth! I felt sad for the crab but it was also an exhilarating display of nature at its finest! The lizard stayed and I stayed, transfixed, until we heard an American couple walking along arguing about something that seemed to me so garish, loud and out of place in light of the surroundings. They were so caught up in future thinking and drama that they didn't even look up to see the lizard who didn't move, or the sun that was just bursting into life, and it made me realise that these moments of stillness are the most glorious moments of life; when everything is stripped back to simply becoming still and being a witness to all that is around us! May to take the time today to disconnect from everything that distracts you so you can reconnect to who you truly are. Who knows what you will witness!

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