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Dipti - Singapore

"I loved the How Are You Really yoga retreat! It's clear Sarah and Larry have put a lot of thought into designing it. I was looking to practice meditation, deepen my yoga practice, relax and recharge. The retreat offered all of that, as well as a few other activities. The studio is stunningly set overlooking the ocean which is perfect. The hotel is really nice and the food is delicious. I especially liked the smoothie bowls for breakfast. There's a few discussions that were interesting and the day trips planned were a lot of fun. Sarah is an awesome teacher and I learnt a lot. I'd highly recommend this retreat."

Brenda - Colorado, USA

"The yoga classes were perfect for me. They were just right for my experience level (beginner) so I felt comfortable, not lost or overwhelmed. They were also challenging with the perfect level of support and encouragement. I couldn't have asked for better. I like how Sarah gradually brings in new poses and challenges us as we move through the week."

"I like the variety of meditation techniques, and the singing bowls performed each night were almost other worldly and a wonderful, unforgettable experience."

Monica Penrose - Milpitas, CA, USA

"Great Yoga Retreat Sarah is a phenomenal yoga teacher and just a beautiful person inside and out. The theme "How are you Really" was spot on. Sarah and Larry made sure that you had time for introspection pondering that question. The retreat schedule was great. We learned a lot about yoga, chakra's, auyervdic practices, yin yoga and yoga nidra. The excursions to the water palace and mountain Shaman were interesting and informative about the local Balinese culture. The class participants were literally from around the globe. We bonded and shared a lot of laughs and even a few tears as we learned about ourselves and each other."

Chrissie Bone - Philippines

I joined Sarah for a wonderful retreat in August. The setting was just perfect- right on the beach in a relaxing part of Bali, quiet but not isolated, and the schedule was great and very well planned! Plenty to keep us busy with a great balance of yoga, meditation, pranayama and theory, plus two fabulous excursions :) also leaving us enough free time to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings! I completed my Reiki level 1 and 2 training during the week with Sarah and I’m so glad I did, the course was wonderful and fit nicely with everything else I learned during the retreat! If you’re considering visiting- do it- you won’t regret it!! Thank you so very much Sarah- it was just what I needed! Keep doing what you’re doing- it’s perfect.

Sharon Chan - Singapore

The sprawling beachfront location was a highlight in itself. The 10 of us were housed in several bungalows connected by a huge garden. There were 2 sundecks and stairs provided direct access to the beach. We could swim in the sea, brood on the beach, enjoy the swing and seesaw, sunbathe or gather in the dining room to chat. The view from my upstairs room looked straight out to sea, and I fell asleep listening to the crash of the waves every night. The setting also provided our retreat leader with inspiring ways to deepen our experience, eg, the closing ceremony was done knee high in water, and another activity was conducted right on the beach . I requested my massage on the deck at night under the starry skies and also had a singing bowl treatment on the sundeck, with the sea breeze, sunshine and sloshing water in the background making it a very soothing and unforgettable experience. The retreat program was carefully balanced between structured and free time. We had for self-exploration, to reflect, do optional workshops/treatments, or just chill. Two included day trips gave the group a chance to explore the area and learn something about the local culture. I also liked the fact that the program incorporated many styles of yoga (including Fly High) and different meditation techniques. At the end, the instructor gifted us with a set of mala beads each, and a handy sum up of tools, tips and techniques for us to continue our practice after the program. It was so thoughtful!

Susan Lindberg - Australia

Sarah was a great instructor, with fabulous energy and insight. She was patient with beginners ( me) and the yoga changed every day. I loved the discussions on the three days we did them. The food was amazing and plentiful. Fabulous outlook over the ocean gave great energy to the room.

Natalie McWilliams - Australia

Loved Sarah and Larry. The yoga was great and not to complicated for beginners. Lots of laughter, great food and friends I hope I'll have for life. it was perfect I came back so relaxed and feel I have a different attitude

Iris Ackerman - Netherlands

The diversity of the yoga classes. Since we did not do only Hatha, but also Yin, Nidra and Fly yoga!

Pauline - France

The retreat has been excellent. Sarah is an amazing yoga teacher and a really enjoyed following her classes. Classes are accessible to all levels because Sarah always give many options from the easiest to the most difficult, which is great. The place was also amazing and perfect to relax with pool and seafront view. Discussions were interesting and day trips as well. The retreat has really great value considering all the activities included and the quality of the classes. Sarah and Larry are very kind and friendly and so was the atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Natalie Roy - Quebec

Sarah has great energy, a happy smile all day long and loves to share her passion! This time in my life I will cherish forever.

Kristy Marshal - Australia

I had an absolutely fabulous time and have felt myself grow both mentally and physically over this short time. Everything about the retreat brought me immense joy!

Megan Middleton - Australia

Sarah is amazing! She made the week informative and fun but informative. I learnt so many things while also learning so much about myself. The yoga classes where great and although I couldn't do all of them Sarah gave me another pose to do and didn't make me feel inadequate. Sarah is knowledgable, friendly and concise. We touched on so many areas of yoga from the actual moves to letting go rituals to various types of yoga like aerial yoga which I loved and was great for my ailments. Thank you Sarah and Larry for the most amazing journey of yoga, life and myself. It was the best experience I've had in a long time... I will miss you!

WJT - New Zealand

Had a fantastic time at How are you really? Yoga retreat, Sarah in great and genuine. Loved the healing bowl session. Great variety.

Catherine Lampi - USA

When I booked the retreat I expected that the biggest impact it would have would be on my performance on the mat- boy was I wrong. Sarah has created a truly unique experience that captivates mind, body and spirit. "How Are You Really? Yoga retreats" allows you to reconnect with yourself, explore meditation practices, get out of your comfort zone and leaves you with an understanding of what works for you and why. There are a healthy offering of *optional* add ons and the yoga classes are the perfect blend of beginner and more advanced poses. I couldn't recommend booking yourself a week in this yogi's paradise enough- trust me you won't regret it! Thank you Sarah and Larry - it was truly a pleasure!

Moa Spadaro - Cambodia

We really loved the location, the classes was really well organized and suitable for beginners. The food was really good and fresh, it was very nice to have some vegetables after a month in Thailand with a lot of fried food.

Ida Theresa Myklebost

YogaBarn was a really pleasant surprise. My partner and I have never been to a yoga retreat before, and while we were excited and expected it to be fun, we were overwhelmed by all the wonderful people involved, the gentle atmosphere of the place, all the love, (the cute animals!) and how peaceful the place made us both feel. The yoga was structured very well and the schedule thought well through and it felt like the instructors knew what they were doing and that I was actually being taught something - not just poses, but also about finding peace. The food was ridiculously good! And super healthy. All the other guests were not just fun to hang out, but actually became friends of ours (already have plans to meet up with some of them again). Sarah, who co-runs the place, was such a lovely person; professional and on point when that was the task/mood, and down to earth and giggly when that was the mood. I was a bit worried about going to a yoga retreat for the first time that people would be extreme about things like not believing in covid/vaccines, going super far into new age ideas, pushing their thoughts on me etc, but that was not at all the case here, and I simply enjoyed learning and listening, and taking with me what that felt relevant for me, and kindly leaving what didn't. YogaBarn had the space for this, and did not feel narrow minded or imposing at all. Highly recommended :) Thank you so much for everything, Sarah&co! Give a huge hug to Bagoush, Laura and Maxi <3

Feb - 2023

Kelly Ward - UK

"The 'How are you really?' Yoga retreat was one of the best holidays I've ever had. It was the perfect combination of yoga, meditation, sightseeing and relaxation. The hotel was great, with wonderful food and a great location, along with an onsite Shala with panoramic sea views to die for; perfect for yoga practice. The excursions were lovely too, especially the water palace.Sarah was a great instructor who pushed your boundaries but never pushed you over the edge. As a result, I felt my practice really improved and it has encouraged me to find a better instructor at home. The retreat also introduced me to meditation and pranayama, something which is hard to find in yoga classes in my area. However, I do try and practice them at home.Most importantly, I felt that I came away from the retreat a better person with more appreciation for the good things in life, and that is thanks to Sarah (and Larry too!) I hope to see them again on another retreat in the future. Score 10/10"

Dr. Louise Johns - Australia

"This retreat was incredible It exceeded by expectations I felt changed by the experience The location was amazing The atmosphere/ interaction with other retreaters was terrific The Yoga space was heaven with ocean noise & vista Sarah is a calm capable & skilled teacher It was well organised The Puri Oka was modest but suitable accommodation, with beautiful outlook & interior garden I would attend another retreat with Sarah & Larry."

Emma Williamson - UK

I particularly liked that we learnt the original purpose of Yoga and that we practiced meditation. The discussions were interesting and topics well picked.

Melody Feron - Indonesia

Everything was really great and quality! I liked the diversity of topics covered, they were relevant and controlled. A superb balance of activities, learning and practices!  A magical and authentic week!

Coralie Signie -

New Caledonia

The retreat was quality, the proposed yoga and meditation sessions met my expectations. Sarah is a very good yoga teacher. Her husband Larry is quite available for each of us if needed. The hotel was perfect, beachfront rooms, in a fishing village, few people, a quiet and peaceful Bali. The food offered is good. In short I keep an excellent memory of this stay that I recommend. It is advisable to have a good level of English to understand the courses and meditations.

Anonymous - November 2016

What a wonderful experience. Sarah your integrity and heart shone through everything you did. Thank you.

Laura Puchtler - USA

The location right at the beach, the beautiful shala overlooking the ocean, the participants from all over the world, the amazing classes led by Sarah and the relaxed atmosphere she created were fabulous! Suitable for beginners as well as advanced yoga practicioners, this retreat had it all: different yoga styles, discussions about the philosophy behind it, meditation, trips to explore the area, great vegetarian food and tons of fun! Sarah is an amazing teacher, I loved every second of her classes!!

Nicola Tyson - Australia

I chose this retreat for the combination of yoga, learning workshops, plus a couple of cultural/sightseeing trips too. And, I wanted to be close to the ocean. The view from the open air studio is incredible, straight out across the water to watch the fishing boats in the mornings and the most beautiful sunsets in the evening, all while yoga-ing. From the moment I met Sarah and Larry, I immediately felt comfortable and with friends. Sarah is a warm, practical and passionate teacher, able to easily adapt to the different levels of experience, personality and language effortlessly and with some great British humour too which I really enjoyed. As the least mobile of our group, I never found myself feeling out of my depth. Larry does a wonderful job making sure everything runs smoothly, he is very thoughtful and works hard to make sure we all have everything we could possibly need to get the most from the week. There is a genuine feeling of support and care for each other which was beautiful. The food was delicious, healthy and plenty of choice (Nuts for Cacao smoothie bowl, absolutely delicious!) The massage was fantastic and I took advantage of Sarah's reiki magic at the beginning of the week to really set myself up.The program is busy, but this is what I really wanted, to focus on me. There is time each day to relax by the pool or take a massage. A wonderful, thoughtful and comfortable place to learn, reflect and reset. Thank you Sarah, Larry and HAYR Feb18 Alumni

Anonymous - June 2017

The programme was full with all kinds of yoga, talks about chakras, ayurveda, and much else, and sightseeing in the area, especially the tour to water palaces exceeded my expectations. I also had a private reiki training. The view from the hotel and yoga shala was amazing.

Kate Coulridge - UK

Sarah and Larry are two of the nicest people I've ever met and I loved that they really got involved with the group during outings, meals etc. It made it feel like a real little family. The free time is a perfect way to chill out, have a little holiday or really get to know others in the group. Honestly, one of the best weeks of my life. I'm going away literally a different person with a new found spark and passion for life that I haven't felt in years! 

Lucille - Switzerland

"Sarah you pass your passion and your joy so well. It was a pleasure to discover all these things with you. The location is amazing! I really enjoyed being in the studio with the breeze and the sound of the ocean."

Angel Ng - Kuala Lumpur

Sarah is amazing! I've learnt a lot from Sarah and the place! People here are all friendly and helpful. It is a life changing experience. I've a new view on life and myself and I think I am ready to face whatever is coming with positive mindset. LOVE YOU SARAH! I'll definitely come back to your retreat if there is chance!

Sajal Neupane - Nepal

It was a wonderful experience being part of this retreat programme. Instantly got connected with Sarah & Larry which made the whole experience more exciting and comforting. I would also like to wish Sarah & Larry with all the best of luck and prayers and hope the almighty will guide their path forever. Om

Luci Colla - Australia

Sarah and Larry, meeting beautiful people and the experience

Zinna Aylward - Australia

Excellent retreat, highly recommended!

The layout and content of the retreat was well thought out and exactly what l was looking for.

Molly Blaise - United Kingdom

I came to this retreat feeling vulnerable, lost and emotional. On arrival at the Yoga Barn, this quickly began to disappear. Sarah and Larry welcome you into their home like old friends and you instantly feel comfortable with them and their beautiful surroundings. The sheep and chickens add to the beautiful vibes they have going on here and the retreat is clearly designed out of love and care. The topics covered in the retreat are insightful and engaging and the Yoga sessions that Sarah teaches are a fantastic mix of styles. I especially enjoyed my first experience of Fly High! The dorm accommodation is fabulous! Spacious, clean, comfy and the perfect place to chill out. The food was amazing and as a vegan I was catered for very well. Sarah and Larry even bought me vegan cookies so I didn’t miss out on desert! I enjoyed all of our time together, including the late night chats and games of uno. We fitted so much in, in such a short amount of time and I didn’t want to leave! Sarah and Larry have created something so special here and I would recommend this retreat to everyone and anyone! I left feeling happy, confident and rejuvenated. I reconnected with myself and found new connections that will always be very special to me. Thank you for everything :) 

Mylene - France

"This was an incredible week. It was an amazing mix of people who all contributed to the experience and it was great to have an open and compassionate environment where we felt safe to share. Sarah, you, coming from a place of being curious, compassionate, supportive and open made this experience magical."

Carly Hicks - Perth, WA

"I have always been absolutely thrilled with my yoga classes with the lovely Sarah McKenzie-Thane. From my first class, she has always been so friendly, warm & welcoming in her own down to earth & humble way & Sarah  always made the classes interesting, informative & fun. Every class has been unique & Ive always learned & experienced something new each class. She is especially attentive to newcomers & took the time to guide us into the postures correctly (postures that I had been unknowingly doing wrong for years!). I especially love her meditation sessions at the end of each class."

"Thank you Sarah for always delivering your classes in an enthusiastic & diverse way that keeps me coming back for more!!"

Anonymous - October 2016

Amazing retreat! One of the best experiences of my life and I am blessed to have experienced it, forever grateful

Bettina G - Austria

From beginning to the end the retreat was exactly what I was looking for and so much more than that! A driver picked me up from the airport and brought me to this this green, lush land at the ocean. We were accommodated in revamped, but still typical local bungalows, the main building had the kitchen and eating/lounge area on the ground floor and the big, open but covered yoga space on the upper floor. The (vegetarian) food was freshly prepared for us by local women and I can honestly say it was the best I had during my time in Bali! While there is no sand beach, there is a direct access to the water and plenty of decking and green area to sit by the ocean and relax. The main activity were the yoga classes. Sarah made sure that the schedule changed daily, so we would e.g. have a slow vinyasa flow and yoga nidra in the morning and yin yoga or fly high in the evening. Before the evening classes Sarah would introduce and discuss with us various other yoga and meditation techniques or healing methods. I really loved the included activities, such as the visit to a local healer, the reiki and healing bowl treatments and the massages. This is the place to go to relax and do some yoga, but especially also if you want to understand yourself better and start to heal.

Sam Coates - Australia

I was blown away by the whole experience!

The accommodation was a Bohemian paradise with private beach and perfectly manicured garden. The yoga was well structured to both beginner and challenging enough for more advanced.

Cas Woinarski - New Zealand

I cannot recommend this experience more highly. I'm a 29M and work in a professional environment. I did a 4 day private retreat with Sarah as it was all that would fit with my dates. From start to finish the experience was far greater than I expected. I have practicing for about 3 years, and so was ready to move beyond just the Asanas, and be exposed to Pranayama and a few other things. (If these words put you off, don't let them. Sarah has a great way of teaching all of this to beginners).

1) The hotel - Puri Oka. Is all you could need. Working air con, comfortable bed. Literally on the beach front. It's not fancy, but spot on. The restaurant is amazing. The best smoothie bowls I had on Bali (including Canggu).

2) The studio. The best place to ever practice yoga. Either just after sunrise looking over the water, or as the sun sets in the other direction. Amazing colours to come out of shavasana to. Open air, could hear the waves which helped with some of the meditation.

3) The yoga. I had private instruction, so we got to pick out what I wanted to focus on. But also experienced things that I never would have known existed (and probably avoided). But the mix of vinyasa in the AM, then aerial/high fly or yin in the evenings was great.

4) The spiritual stuff. I'm not big on this, but I was in a place where I was open to it. And as a result I found i got a lot out of these sessions, a lot more than I would have anticipated. Overall - you will not regret this :-)

Sophie Weigelt - Germany

The week in candidasar was perfect! everything was planned and managed for us and so I could really go into the work of yoga, meditation and breathwork. but thats not all! we had amazing ceremonies and visited the bat cave, the water temple and a traditional healer! perfect retreat for those, who are searching for a long lasting experience!

Kathryn Fawcett -

New Zealand

Thank you Sarah and Larry for this experience, you made me feel so welcome, I didn't have a moment of self consciousness when it came to me just being me for a week, Sarah you knew I had never done yoga before and you just let me do my own thing, but you watched and guided me, it has been a gift, thank you.

Dave Miller - Australia

I got a lot out of the week, physically and beyond. I know I will continue to process the retreat and benefit from it long after I leave

Anonymous - June 2017

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Sarah is the ideal person for a yoga retreat. Listening, available, sensitive and very technical, all the elements are there to progress quickly. Small sized groups are also perfect for creating links which makes this sharing moment even more enjoyable. The place is nice with the yoga room upstairs and open to the sea, for a total disconnect.  Thanks to this retreat, yoga is now part of my life, thank you Sarah and Larry.  Good English is however useful to really enjoy the experience.

Eleanor Boyle - Cambodia

The space is beautiful, gorgeous animals and a connection with nature. Not so far away if you need to nip into town but remote enough to feel the countryside spirit. The yoga is great, a perfect course for beginners to improve their skills. The food is vegetarian and has great variety. The accommodation is spacious and well decorated. I originally booked for 4 days and extended to 8. A perfect space to get in touch with yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you so much to Sarah and Larry for this amazing retreat


It was a barn with a lot of cute animals. You cna pet them if you want to: a dog, some ducks, chickens, turkeys and sheep. During breakfast we could even eat some of their eggs :). The food was all in all quite good and freshly made. The dorm was very big, there was a free shelf and plenty of books to choose from. Sarah and Larry are 2 very friendly and helpful people. Sarah tried to teach us also on some yoga topics and aryuveda as well. I liked that she prepared a little workbook. The place was clean even though there is so many animals :D

February - 2023


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