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Know before you go - Please read this important information carefully!

Getting Here

Ensure your passport expiry date is valid with at least 6 months remaining. If you have less than 6 months remaining you will be turned away from your flight.

Check your country’s visa & passport requirements for Cambodia before departure. Most countries such as the UK & the US can get a Visa On Arrival at immigration for around $30, this can only be paid in USD. This is for a tourist visa that lasts for 30 days. You must also take with you a passport sized photo which they will require at immigration. If you do not have your photo you may be charged $2 extra and they will photocopy your passport. You may also be able to apply for the visa in advance online so check either the Cambodian website or your own countries website. Please double check all of this information as it may not be up to date.

When leaving either Sihanoukville International airport (nearest to us), Phnom Penh International Airport or Siem Reap International Airport head for the taxis and ask for a ride to Kampot. You may also be able to book a train or bus in advance. We recommend visiting for bus booking.

The taxi journey should will take approximately 90 minutes from Sihanoukville and cost around $40USD.

From Phnom Penh will take around 4 hours and cost around $60USD.

From Siem Reap the journey will take around 9 hours and will cost around $160USD.

If you are already in Kampot you can download PassApp which is the Cambodia tuk tuk booking app. If you select Yoga Barn Kampot as the drop off they will bring you straight to us.

Check in is from 12 midday but if you arrive early, reception can take care of your bags whilst your room is being prepared. Check out is at 11am.

Our contact details and the venue address are located on our <contact us> page


Things you will need...

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Sunscreen

  • A light rain jacket

  • Money, credit cards etc.

  • A reusable water bottle (to make use of free refills)

  • Vaccinations (check with your doctor)

  • Travel/Medical Insurance

  • A camera (separate to your mobile phone if possible so you can ‘digitally detox’)

  • Flip flops (thongs/sandals) & training shoes (gym shoes)

  • Hoody/jumper/cardigan (sometimes there may be a chill in the evening!)


General Information

Travel Insurance - We strongly advise you to purchase travel insurance for your trip, you should do this at the time of booking. If possible and at the very least, cover should be for:

Emergency medical treatment and/or repatriation.​

Cancellation/rescheduling of flights.

Cancellation/rescheduling of the retreat.

Loss or damage to property.


Even though our retreat is not a ‘detox’ retreat as such, we strongly encourage our guests to abstain from certain things such as alcohol, cigarettes & meat. This is optional but you are assured that if you take the challenge, your body and mind will thank you!

​We also encourage our guests to take a ‘digital detoxification’ during the retreat, removing themselves from outside distractions. Again this is optional but if you do want to switch off your phone for the week then please leave our email address with someone back home so that we can relay urgent messages to you. Either way we do restrict phone use to your room and are not allowed at the table or during group activities.

Mosquitos/malaria are generally not a problem in Kampot but it is advisable to bring along some repellent.

The tap water in Cambodia is mostly not suitable for drinking but perfectly fine for showering/brushing teeth etc. However, we do have a special filter system fitted in our restaurant so we will be able to supply you with all of the drinking water you need for free as part of the retreat.

If you forget to bring your own refillable water bottle, one can be purchased from us. These are purely to encourage our guests to refill with free water thus lessening the use of single-use plastic bottles.


Cambodia accepts both Riel (KHR) and dollars (USD). It is probably easier to bring some USD with you as airport charges for changing money can be expensive and ATM’s there are unreliable.

If you have to pay for a VOA at the airport it is only possible to pay in USD.

You can ask your driver to stop at an ATM on the way if you desperately need one but Kampot has many reliable 24hr Visa/Mastercard ATM's.

We accept both cash & card payments but most places will only accept cash payments and do not have card payment facilities.

Most shops/hotels/restaurants in Kampot will only accept either local currency or USD (e.g. not GBP, EUR or AUD). If you bring your own currency there are a few money changers that offer very good exchange rates.

Inform your bank if you plan to access your money whilst abroad. There are many cash machines in Kampot town and almost all are Visa and/or MasterCard so they will almost definitely work for you.

There is a small Mini-Mart around the corner from us that sells most of the things you may need such as toothpaste, shower & shampoo products, insect repellent etc. If you require something more specific it may be better to buy it before you travel. Women’s sanitary products can sometimes be difficult to find and rather expensive so it is suggested that you bring them with you.

Regarding clothing, make sure that the clothes you wish to wear for the yoga classes are not restrictive. It is best to wear something either baggy like shorts or close fitting like Lycra type leggings. Most days are hot and sunny but sometimes, depending on the season, there may be rain so a light raincoat may be advisable. Also, the evening countryside air can sometimes bring a chill so you may like to bring a light jumper/cardigan/hoodie.​

If you have any further questions about the retreat, yoga, Cambodia, travel etc. then please feel free to <contact us>​ so that we can help you!

Now that you have officially booked your retreat and probably already thinking about packing, why not check out our retreat 'Add-Ons' and find out how you can enhance your Cambodian Yoga Retreat experience! Pre booking is a great way to ensure your place is booked for your favourite therapy!

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Rieki Healing

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Sound Healing

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Yoga at Home


When you get home why not continue your Yoga journey with these amazing unlimited Yoga & Meditation video classes!

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